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Most artists welcome an honest, outside opinion that's backed up by years of professional experience in the studio and on the road.
I've been in bands. I've lived the highs and lows of the musical journey, and I've learned a lot.
I believe people can sense my genuine concern for their success and desire for a fun, comfortable, productive and rewarding recording experience.

Here's what some of my clients have to say:

Our experience with Britt Wilson at Chateau Electro was incredible. No other producer comes to mind that is as patient, talented and trustworthy as Britt. Its easy to see how passionate he is about his art both as a musician and a producer/ engineer. He's definitely our new go to guy. - Eric , Jokers & Thieves..

"Under no circumstance will there be another producer as kind, knowledgeable, and accurate as Britt Wilson. There is nothing more comforting than working with a true professional that treats your music with such great detail as if it can change the world." ..-Madison Sasser..

"Our 'Songs from the Big House', 'Lovelight' & 'Sweet Magnolia' records were recorded at Chateau Electro. Britt could not have pleased the band any more with his vision, knowledge, attention to detail, hard work and most importantly his patience.".. Todd Cowart-The Hushpuppies Band.. ....

"...You are , without a doubt, a Grand master Producer and I appreciate your deep involvement and commitment to our project. "..Thousand Watt Halo

Notable Recent Projects (Does Not Include Demos)

  • Abbott (Toronto, CANADA) - Ready To Roll
  • Cathy Little (Atlanta, GA) - Safely Through
  • Jokers & Thieves (Statesboro, GA) - Oh...to be let go
  • Madison Sasser (Nashville, TN) - Be
  • The Hushpuppies Band (Athens, GA) - Sweet Magnolia
  • Matthew Price (Rome, GA) - All of Me
  • Nic Slade & The Encounter Worship Team (Atlanta, GA) - self titled
  • Pilot (Atlanta, GA) - The Morning Sun
  • The Hushpuppies Band (Athens, GA) - Love Light
  • AM Vibe (San Diego, CA) - remixes
  • Crowded Front Yard (Atlanta, GA) - My Way Home
  • The Hushpuppies Band (Athens, GA) - Songs From The Big House
  • West of April (Los Angeles, CA) - Chameleon
  • The Days Are Evil (Los Angeles, CA) - self titled

Clients & Friends

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